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Oh Joy, My Peeps Are Back!!

Posted by mollybrown08 on May 24, 2008

It has been a strange couple of weeks…you see, my people went out of town, on a family visit to someplace they called “Philadelphia”. What is disconcerting is that I wasn’t even consulted about this prior to their deciding to up and leave, but I did get to stay with my Auntie Frank, and even a bit with my Uncle Stan, and I also got to go to play with my friends at daycare at Pawtropolis every day and even got to spend one night there!! I always get a lot of attention when I visit, especially because it was my foster home after I was rescued, and I know everyone there. I also get to see my dog friends, especially Blue, the Great Dane. But now my peeps are back, and I’m so happy!! Can’t you tell??

Things have been a bit crazy at home…my little sister Willow is still not using her back leg like she is supposed to, and hasn’t been able to go on walks with me, and the vet says that she isn’t healing as quickly as she should. She’s a happy sister, though, and we have a great time together, so I hope she gets better soon. We have fun on our walks, even though she has no idea about what to do with a tennis ball…I don’t get how a dog doesn’t have that as a gene or something. My brother Chester decided to scare Auntie Frank and stop walking last week (he only has three legs to begin with), and she got really scared and took him to the vet. He’s on medicine now, and is doing better, but has arthritis and stuff, and a metal plate in his leg from his old accident (so I was told). He likes to sleep a lot, and doesn’t even mind when Paco lands right on him. Of course, that bird is so loud that sometimes we all hope that Chester wakes up and really goes after him, but we’re just kidding….sort of.

Meanwhile, my other brother Maximus is still as crazy as ever. He hasn’t been bringing in as many dead chipmunks lately, and my people have been happy that they can use the bathtub, so that’s been good, but he’s still a strange kitty. One of his favorite things is to play “big game hunter”…when we go out on walks, he stalks us through the bushes, and then jumps out at us from time to time. Other times he just follows us on our walks, sometimes going all the way around the block, meowing as he goes. He’s like a little Russian Blue caboose, and a loud one. One of my people took this picture of him, and it looks like he’s had a few too many drinks. Maybe that’s his problem…I wouldn’t know. I do carry brandy in a keg, but that is purely for medicinal purposes.

I hope that things settle down now…this has all been confusing, but I know that I made it through with flying colors…after all, I’m a Saint!!!


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My Sister Loses Her Lampshade!

Posted by mollybrown08 on May 12, 2008

Greetings to all in cyberspace! Just wanted to give you an update on my sister, Willow. She had the drains taken out of her leg on Friday, and today was given a good report by the surgeon. She’s acting happier and more like the sister I know and love. She still has to go for weekly visits for several more weeks, but she’s starting to put some weight on the leg and is prancing around the house a bit more.

However, she’s still extremely camera shy, so you’ll just have to put up with pictures of the rest of us…

First up, here’s my older brother Chester, in a picture taken in January.

Isn’t he just the cutest thing? That’s what he does the best, sleep. He’s also good at eating, and going in and out of doors, generally wanting to do so when it’s least convenient for people to open and shut them. He’s also good at standing in the doorway trying to decide whether to go in or out, particularly when it’s either very hot or very cold outside. So much for dogs wanting to go out all the time!

Next up is my younger brother, Maximus...he’s a nutcase, and a mass murderer. He brings in small animals and leaves them in the downstairs bathtub. We think he’s psycho, and that he has an alter-ego named “Ralph”. At least, that’s what he always tells us when he comes inside, blaming this imaginary cat for everything with a loud “Raaalph!!!!!!” repeated over and over. We think that it’s just a way of trying to mount an insanity defense, but we’re not sure. Anyway, this is him in the dryer. Come to think of it, that insanity defense might just work….

Finally, here I am…you didn’t think I’d post pictures and not include myself, did you? This picture is of me trying to figure out why my psycho brother is literally a basket case. Pardon the mess! I promise to keep on trying to get a picture of my sister, and include it the next time. Meanwhile, have fun, and smell the flowers…

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A Burst of Neighborly Exuberance

Posted by mollybrown08 on May 8, 2008

Okay, so sometimes I go a bit overboard…I’m a friendly girl, you know! One of my people and I were walking around the block the other day, just doing our afternoon constitution, when I made a slight detour down a driveway on the street parallel to ours. I’m friendly with Biscuit, the dog that lives there, so what’s the harm in a little visit? I knew that Biscuit wouldn’t mind, and it was a lovely day for a chat.

Well, the apartment where Biscuit lives is at street level, and the door was open, so I just figured that she was receiving visitors, and wanted us to come in, and I proceeded to do just that. There was a guy in there, in bed, and I’m not exactly sure why he was in bed in the middle of the day, or whether or not he was wearing clothes or not, but I figured that he might be in distress or something, and that after all, I WAS a St. Bernard, trained in rescue and all that stuff, so I made a valiant attempt to climb into bed with him…

Funny, though, he didn’t seem all to pleased with that idea, nor did my person. I think it’s that I didn’t have my brandy keg with me. I’ll have to remember to bring it with me on future walks, so that my intentions are clearly honorable.

People are so strange…

Here are two pictures of my sister….she goes back to the vet tomorrow to get the drains out. Hopefully, she’ll look less like a space alien after that. Right now she smells funny, too, but I haven’t told her that. I don’t want to hurt her feelings.

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The Tao of Tennis Balls

Posted by mollybrown08 on May 6, 2008

A lot of people think that a tennis ball is a tennis ball, but that is hardly the case. For those of you who are still unsure of the concept, the following post may be of some use…

1. Dogs can’t read. Nor do they think that cutesy characters make the ball bounce higher or taste better. Something like this…

or this…

while adorable, mean nothing to your average dog. Good old tennis balls, large, small, yellow, red, blue or pink, are the best…they throw well, bounce high, and fit beautifully in a big old slobbery mouth! Also, dogs don’t play tennis, so the balls that are available at a pet store will do fine. Unless your dog’s name is Federer, you shouldn’t have to worry about the “brand”.

2. Having back up supplies is a necessity. Tennis balls have a habit of going over, under, around and through things, and often wind up in trees, under cars, on house roofs, or stolen by nefarious cats. Therefore, I’d recommend ordering them in massive quantities…

3. Dogs can tend to be hoarders…don’t be surprised if the number of tennis balls purchased starts to equal the number of tennis balls outstanding. Should that happen, do not become alarmed; no tennis ball will go to waste. Some of us have even been known to bury them, although it’s something I’d never do!

Being mindful of the above points will result in a dog that remains in a state of bliss…and one who may develop a mean backhand.

Oh, and one last thing…..what on Earth is this contraption? DO NOT WANT!

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Downer Monday….

Posted by mollybrown08 on May 5, 2008

Doesn’t it always figure that as soon as you get excited about something, cold water gets thrown at you? I was about to inaugurate my blog by introducing my little sister, and just today she is back at the vet’s office, due to complications from surgery she had two weeks ago. You see, my little sister is actually my OLDER little sister, and she has some knee trouble; in fact, this is now her second knee surgery. She had her left hind leg operated on several years ago, and now she just had her right hind leg done. I really have been trying to be careful and not step on her or anything, but sometimes it’s hard when you’re a rambunctious 3-year old. Here’s a get well treat for Willow…

On another down note, R.I.P. Eight Belles…

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Hello world!

Posted by mollybrown08 on May 4, 2008

Just a word of welcome…I’m Molly, and I’ll be posting from time to time. I live with my two people, my little sister, two silly cats and two birds, in Athens, Georgia. I tend to be the talk of the neighborhood, but I handle my fame rather well, I believe. One of my cat brothers has a political blog, but this is going to be a more laid-back sort of thing, befitting my personality. So, sit a spell, take a deep breath, and say “OHM”!

Then see if you can find me a cookie or a ball or something, okay??

Talk to you soon…

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