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Hello world!

Posted by mollybrown08 on May 4, 2008

Just a word of welcome…I’m Molly, and I’ll be posting from time to time. I live with my two people, my little sister, two silly cats and two birds, in Athens, Georgia. I tend to be the talk of the neighborhood, but I handle my fame rather well, I believe. One of my cat brothers has a political blog, but this is going to be a more laid-back sort of thing, befitting my personality. So, sit a spell, take a deep breath, and say “OHM”!

Then see if you can find me a cookie or a ball or something, okay??

Talk to you soon…


2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Rusty the Corgi said

    Way to go Molly. We could use a good canine BLOG around here. Now I will have my own little world to live in. My friend Sebastian came to stay a few months back, and that means sharing the treats, which is not what life is all about. I was used to being the star of the show before he came here to stay permanently, or until his master returns. I even have to share the back seat of the truck with him and he is going to the UP of Michigan with us next week for the summer. I hope he does not enjoy the cool breeze that comes off the north shore of Lake Michigan all summer. I hope he freezes his tail off. It was bad enough having that poodle named Snowy around as a neighbor last summer. Now it will be Snowy AND Sebastian. Can you imagine my having to put up with two white dogs this summer? Maybe Snowy will stay down in Lansing and will not come up to St. Ignace.

    See you in October on our way home for Mytrle Beach, SC, Molly.


  2. Auntie Frank said

    “” GOOD GOLLY MS MOLLY!!! “” Here you are the star of your own web site. You have arrived!!!
    Chester the cat is so jealous. You forgot to tell the world about your Auntie Frank who is
    a secondary member of the family and sometimes
    pet sitter when your Moms go out of town.
    Congrats to you Ms Molly Brown on launching
    your very on personal web sit. I look forward
    to learning more about you and the rest of the
    gang that shares your home. Auntie Frank

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