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The Tao of Tennis Balls

Posted by mollybrown08 on May 6, 2008

A lot of people think that a tennis ball is a tennis ball, but that is hardly the case. For those of you who are still unsure of the concept, the following post may be of some use…

1. Dogs can’t read. Nor do they think that cutesy characters make the ball bounce higher or taste better. Something like this…

or this…

while adorable, mean nothing to your average dog. Good old tennis balls, large, small, yellow, red, blue or pink, are the best…they throw well, bounce high, and fit beautifully in a big old slobbery mouth! Also, dogs don’t play tennis, so the balls that are available at a pet store will do fine. Unless your dog’s name is Federer, you shouldn’t have to worry about the “brand”.

2. Having back up supplies is a necessity. Tennis balls have a habit of going over, under, around and through things, and often wind up in trees, under cars, on house roofs, or stolen by nefarious cats. Therefore, I’d recommend ordering them in massive quantities…

3. Dogs can tend to be hoarders…don’t be surprised if the number of tennis balls purchased starts to equal the number of tennis balls outstanding. Should that happen, do not become alarmed; no tennis ball will go to waste. Some of us have even been known to bury them, although it’s something I’d never do!

Being mindful of the above points will result in a dog that remains in a state of bliss…and one who may develop a mean backhand.

Oh, and one last thing…..what on Earth is this contraption? DO NOT WANT!


One Response to “The Tao of Tennis Balls”

  1. Nancy VanCamp said

    Congrats on your new blog, Molly! You deserve one!

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