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Confession is Good for the Soul

Posted by mollybrown08 on June 17, 2008

So far, I know you all think I’m a big brave St. Bernard, since my breed rescues hikers and skiiers in the snow and digs in avalanches and the good stuff like that. Well, I also think that, regardless of being in a Jewish household, that I must be Catholic, since I’m named after a saint, and since I’m Swiss, so I see that a good bit of confession is due here…(actually, I’ve been noticing that there’s this big thing called Jewish guilt, too; but we won’t let them know that I know that…okay?) The confession I have to tell you all is that….aww, gee, this is tough…..I’m really not that brave. I mean, I’d protect my humans and my sister and all, but there are some things that just GET to me….

For one thing, I HATE storms. Once a thunderstorm starts, I generally stay inside even if I need to do something, and I spend my time hiding upstairs with one of my peeps. Sometimes, I even try to jump on the bed and get under the covers, but I generally want to lay there and shake a lot. The louder the thunder, the more I start panting and staring at someone. It’s embarrassing to be this big galoot of a dog who is trying to crawl into a persons bed because you’re scared; but the next fact is even worse……

I’m nervous around my two cat brothers. As I’ve told you, one of them is psycho, but the other one is nice, yet if they’re between me and my food bowl, I will whine and cry and not go there. I think they’re catching on, too, as they seem to be playing this game a lot more lately. I get back at them, though, but going into the kitchen when they’re not looking and eat all of THEIR food. I really get nervous when they try to fight, but then my first aid training starts up, and I get right in the middle of them, so I manage to be brave then. I think I might make a poor example of a rescue dog if it came right down to it, so I need to work on it a lot. I mean, my relatives have been doing this for hundreds of years and all, and it would be awful if I was the St. Bernard that couldn’t rescue straight. I don’t know if this will get me expelled from the Alpine League of anything of that sort, but it wouldn’t be pretty. I’m sure I have an Uncle Johan somewhere who thinks that his niece has just grown soft living it the United States, particularly where there’s no snow. I’m not sure what I’d tell him about how that explains the cats, I just don’t know. It’s funny, though, that I’m the same dog that just runs up to any dog, cat, person, squirrel, possum, probably skunk (haven’t tried it yet), so I’m not certain about the actual syndrome. What’s interesting is that my little sister Willow went to do something that I know I’d love, and she got all freaked out. She went swimming in order to help her leg that she still won’t use. Her person came home all scratched up from Willow flailing in the pool, but they finally figured out how to do it where Willow wasn’t a scardy dog. I think I would have just loved to go swimming. Maybe if I go along, I can help her out!!! I mean, I WOULD be doing it for altruistic reasons only, you know. Willow is more of a scardy pants than I am, and that takes some doing. Aren’t I just a princess??


3 Responses to “Confession is Good for the Soul”

  1. Auntie Frank said

    Ms. Molly everyone knows you are just a big ole wuss and a very loveable one at that. Your
    cat brothers figured that out a long time ago
    and yes I think they do enjoy getting between
    you and your food bowl. They can be naughty
    cats. That’s OK Ms Molly, the world needs big
    ole wusses. Auntie Frank

  2. Rusty the Corgi said

    Well Molly, you are still Unsinkable in my book. I am right in there with you on being scared to death during a thunderstorm. I used to not be like that, I was a brave macho type of guy that let the rain roll off his back. (We Corgi’s have naturally unwetable hair, you know.)
    Anyway, the Monday after Easter in 2001, I and my good lady friend Ebony, who was still with us at that time, were on guard duty around 3 p.m. in the home of our masters while they were at work. Like I said, we were on duty all sprawled out on the bed, napping in one of the front bedrooms. This was a good vantage point so we could keep an eye out for letter carriers, FedEx, and UPS. Boy those were the days; we really gave them Hell when they came to the front door. I was deep in the middle of a dream in which I was ripping the leg off of one of those guys. All of a sudden there was this LOUD clap of thunder and a bolt of lightening came from this huge tree in the back yard, it arch through the drop wires drop wires coming into the house and it send a SHOCK WAVE of electricity though the atmosphere of our home. Well let me tell you we cleared that bed as if we were being offered a treat AND a mailman’s leg all at one time. The elderly couple next door later said they were nearly knocked off there chairs, (I attributed it to their after drinks that always started around 2:30 p.m.) but the younger man two doors down in the other direction was just removing his camera equipment from his SUV. (That was a requirement of ABC News for employees to do that regardless of the time or weather.) That guy said the electricity was so bad that the hair stood up on his arms and he nearly dropped a piece of VERY expensive equipment on his driveway. Well I must have lost a full coat of hair that day even though I do shed a lot. The house alarm system was fried; all phones and caller ID units were fried, as well as the electric stove, refrigerator, control system of the heat and air unit, which were brand new, and the DSL modem.
    Molly, every since that day I look for a good hiding place when I hear a drop of rain hitting on the window panes or roof of the RV coach. I get as nervous as a whore in church. Even my buddy Lincoln, who came to live with us last fall, is the same way. You know, I never thought to ask him about his experience which caused him to be this way. So just remember while you are shaking and scared you are not alone, there are thousands of us joining you during those terrible moments.

    The Big R

  3. Mollybrown08 said

    Rusty, you made me feel a lot better…thanks. I knew that confession would be good for me!!

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