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Well, I guess I’m in the doghouse again…

Posted by mollybrown08 on July 17, 2008

Well, as I’ve said before, I’m a friendly and energetic dog, and sometimes I DO overdo it…this time I’ve injured one of my peeps again, and I’m really feeling BLUE over it…

I’m not sure how it really happened;  my “back-up” person, Irene, is out of town (she’s really Willow’s person), and my full-time person, Etta (got this straight???) was taking me for my usual walk.  Well, I heard some voices, and realized that they were my neighbors and friends, Gwen and John, so I figured that they would certainly want to see me and I guess Etta got her hand all tangled up in the leash, and now she has a swollen and bruised up knuckle, and Auntie Frank says that my peeps should get rid of me because I get out of control, but, gee!!!!  True, I did get a BIT overenthusiastic and start pulling like a sled dog in heat, but, hey, my intentions were good….THEY’LL NEVER GET RID OF ME…I’M TOO LOVABLE!!  (I hope)

Meanwhile, back-up peep is in a place that is being called Austin by the grownups, and from the pictures that have been sent back, there are bats there.  Why would someone leave me to go and see bats?  She’s going to see bloggers, too, but I don’t know what those are, so I’ll have to wait and give my opinion on those later; there are no pictures available yet on those things.  Austin is supposed to be very hot, so I wouldn’t like it anyway…I like it here, but I like it better when both of my peeps are here.  I really will try to be a better dog – right now, Cesar Milan would hate me!

It’s a dilemma; I’ve been through training twice, and I’m really wanting to be nice and to please, but I just love people and dogs and meeting new friends, and sometimes I just get carried away.  Most people are so happy and surprised when I come bounding up to them that it just makes it all the better, so I keep on doing it.  One or two haven’t liked it, but I forget that all too soon.

I guess I’m just a fool for love….


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