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Hi there old friends!!

Posted by mollybrown08 on May 26, 2009

I just realized that it’s been almost a YEAR since I had written in my blog, but I guess I’ve just been busy growing!  I’m four years old now, if you can believe that, although sometimes (well, lots of times, actually) I can still act like I’m four months old.  I’m really trying to act more like a Saint and less like just a Bernard, as my SECOND trainer Dave would say, but what can a girl do when so many of her adoring public is wanting to play with her??  One simply cannot just walk away…one must walk (or lunge, as the case may be) toward them!  That, of course. includes other dogs, and cats as well.  It’s only polite: that’s what I keep on telling my person, although she doesn’t seem to understand that canine ettiquette is very important.

I have had an official portrait done, and would love for you all to see it….

The Unsinkable!0001

Doesn’t it look like I just stepped off of the Titanic?  My portrait was done by local artist Cindy Jerrell, and I think she did a wonderful job!!  I especially like the peacock feather in my hat; just adds so much to the outfit!  She also took a casual photo of me and my other person, and that one came out good as well, I believe.

Molly and me0001I look like the most behaved dog in the world, don’t I?  Well, let’s have everyone keep on believing that, shall we?  I don’t want anyone to stop approaching me, and it’s not like I bite or jump up on them or anything, although I will extend a dainty paw now and then.

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season…I know it has been almost six months ago, but as I said, I haven’t written in a long time.  I know I did…I even IMG_1607

got to save my friend Carolee, although I think that she was more under the impression that I was squashing her.  She was on the floor, so I just figured that something was wrong,so I went over to render some aid:  it’s a shame I didn’t have my brandy keg with me at the moment, but these things sometimes come up at the spur of the moment, you know….

For those of you out of town, I’m not sure you know that we got snow this year!  We got it on March 1st, and it just hung around forever! I thought I’d love it, but to be very honest, I really wasn’t sure what it was, and was a bit taken aback by it…I kept on looking for patches of green, but none were to be seen for days, and that’s pretty hard when you REALLY have to go.  I finally just had to find a spot and pretend.  To make it worse, my clutzy other person slipped and banged up her knee, but did wind up with a pair of torn (designer now, I think) jeans, with just the right amount of holes to be stylish.  Here is our Winter Wonderland…


Don’t we both just look wonderful?  That was the first day of the snow, before it got all driven over and yucky looking.   More kept on falling, and by the end, we heard that we had about five inches, which is a lot for Athens, Georgia.  I know that the St. Bernard that used to live here (her name was AsiaNana) used to love the snow; me, I’m not too sure.  Maybe if we get some next year, I’ll be better schooled in the proper procedures.  People kept on saying that I should have known what to do just because of my breed, but if there is such a thing as genetic memory, I was absent that day of class.   Come to think of it, I may have been absent a few days of obedience class, too, although my people claim otherwise.  Still, if I was there in class for the genetic memory lessons, I certainly would have remembered snow.  I take pretty good notes you know, even if only in my head, and I’ve got a pretty big head to remember things with, that’s no lie!

Still, Willow and I managed to have a pretty good time in spite of it all…she had seen snow before, so she was a bit of an old pro at it all.  Speaking of Willow, there’s some bad news.  She is going to have a THIRD knee surgery pretty soon, on the same knee that was done last May.  Some of you may remember that it took her almost six months to start walking on it again, but now she has torn the meniscus in the same knee, and has been limping.  Hopefully, it’s going to be done the first week of June, because she’s in a lot of pain, and is on a lot of medication.  My poor little sister!!  She’s about six years older than me, but I call her my little sister, because of obvious reasons.  I don’t like seeing her in pain, and I really miss our walks.  She’s my buddy, and I hate that she’s not feeling well!!

I guess I should go now.   Now that I started blogging again, I can’t stop!!  I promise it won’t be as long between posts next time, really.




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