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My Rescue, Animal Control, and Helping Paws Rescue

Posted by mollybrown08 on June 8, 2008

I realize that some of you don’t really know my background, and even if you do, I’d like to give some shout outs to some wonderful organizations and some really nice people.

I’m a lucky girl, but I wasn’t always the beautiful specimen you see. In fact, I was found by Athens Animal Control weighing only about 85 lbs, and covered in demodex mange…it wasn’t pretty. I’m going to post a picture of what I looked like then, but don’t look at it if you’re too sensitive…I don’t want you to be sad. I have no recollection of where I came from, but I think it was somewhere good because I came to Animal Control with friendliness and good manners. Even in my condition, I would give my paw to anyone who came close to me. Animal Control was very good to me; they had to keep me at least five days to see if an owner showed up, and they didn’t want me to remain in that condition, so several there pooled their funds, and found enough to take me to a vet, where they worked on my mange and my weight. I was also lucky enough to be fostered by Helping Paws Rescue at Pawtropolis and I was then named Molly Brown, after the Unsinkable Molly Brown. I then wound up staying there for several months, even though my people had put in an application to adopt me, since I had to get to 100 lbs before I could leave. I’m not posting all of this in an appeal for pity; in matter of fact, I’ve got a wonderful life now! This is more a shout out for two wonderful organizations: Pawtropolis (Helping Paws), and Athens Animal Control. It’s also going to be about another organization, that I’ll get to soon. Pawtropolis is a cool spot where I go for daycare, and occasional sleepovers, but more than that, it’s the home, too, for Helping Paws Rescue, an organization that helps orphaned and stray dogs and cats find shelter and new homes. I was taken there soon after I was found and, with the aid of sponsors, nursed back to health. The place is the brainchild of Amanda Rodriguez, a cool lady who just loves dogs, and who runs a rockin’ place. Here she is right now!! I have her website address posted here on the blog, and I would love for everyone to visit it.

As I said, my first stop was Athens Animal Control, and although it’s your standard “pound” that every town has, the people that work there really care about the dogs, and try their best to care for them and find them homes. They sure went above and beyond for me. This brings me to the other group that I mentioned before. One of my people started working for a group called, which is a wonderful site started by a teacher named Allyson Hester. She now has a group of volunteers who go to Animal Control on a regular basis, walk the dogs, and also take pictures of them. The volunteers then write up stories about the dogs, and Allyson puts the pictures and stories up on the website, in order to get more people to see them. This is a picture of Allyson and her fourth grade class, who raised $1100 for Helping Paws Rescue. So, as you can see, me and my peeps know some pretty awesome people, and some wonderful organizations that can use some time and some moolah…you didn’t think I was writing this all for my health, did you?? There are a lot of dogs (and cats) out there who need great homes like mine, and unfortunately, the number never runs out. By the way, here’s a newer picture of me to make you forget about the sorry one above…oh, and my brother Chester is in it as well. Here’s another one of my brother Chester! So you all have a good week…Molly.


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