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Oh Joy, My Peeps Are Back!!

Posted by mollybrown08 on May 24, 2008

It has been a strange couple of weeks…you see, my people went out of town, on a family visit to someplace they called “Philadelphia”. What is disconcerting is that I wasn’t even consulted about this prior to their deciding to up and leave, but I did get to stay with my Auntie Frank, and even a bit with my Uncle Stan, and I also got to go to play with my friends at daycare at Pawtropolis every day and even got to spend one night there!! I always get a lot of attention when I visit, especially because it was my foster home after I was rescued, and I know everyone there. I also get to see my dog friends, especially Blue, the Great Dane. But now my peeps are back, and I’m so happy!! Can’t you tell??

Things have been a bit crazy at home…my little sister Willow is still not using her back leg like she is supposed to, and hasn’t been able to go on walks with me, and the vet says that she isn’t healing as quickly as she should. She’s a happy sister, though, and we have a great time together, so I hope she gets better soon. We have fun on our walks, even though she has no idea about what to do with a tennis ball…I don’t get how a dog doesn’t have that as a gene or something. My brother Chester decided to scare Auntie Frank and stop walking last week (he only has three legs to begin with), and she got really scared and took him to the vet. He’s on medicine now, and is doing better, but has arthritis and stuff, and a metal plate in his leg from his old accident (so I was told). He likes to sleep a lot, and doesn’t even mind when Paco lands right on him. Of course, that bird is so loud that sometimes we all hope that Chester wakes up and really goes after him, but we’re just kidding….sort of.

Meanwhile, my other brother Maximus is still as crazy as ever. He hasn’t been bringing in as many dead chipmunks lately, and my people have been happy that they can use the bathtub, so that’s been good, but he’s still a strange kitty. One of his favorite things is to play “big game hunter”…when we go out on walks, he stalks us through the bushes, and then jumps out at us from time to time. Other times he just follows us on our walks, sometimes going all the way around the block, meowing as he goes. He’s like a little Russian Blue caboose, and a loud one. One of my people took this picture of him, and it looks like he’s had a few too many drinks. Maybe that’s his problem…I wouldn’t know. I do carry brandy in a keg, but that is purely for medicinal purposes.

I hope that things settle down now…this has all been confusing, but I know that I made it through with flying colors…after all, I’m a Saint!!!


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